Little Crow Guitars is Dave and Viv Street.

We’ve been making guitars since 2012 when our furniture business had a quiet spell. We still make furniture, but guitars are becoming a larger and increasingly important part of our production.

I (Dave) have some long ago experience of playing in bands and my musical preference is the Blues. Our guitars are designed and made with the Blues in mind. I design and make all our bodies and necks and headstocks and Viv does all the finishing including the fret-finishing.

This is us out the front of our workshop

(As you can see we live out in the country which allows us to work in peace and make a bit of noise when we need to.)

Thanks initially to blues maestro Shane Diiorio who runs the Intheblues channel on YouTube and also on Facebook, we have managed to reach a far wider audience than would otherwise have been possible. Shane has been a real support and encouragement and has patiently advised and steered us through some initial teething problems, as well as producing some great video demos of our guitars. Shane helped create our top of the line Corvinho model and the Corvinho SD is so named in his honour. Shane currently owns and plays a Corvinho SD and a Raven.

We have also subsequently had a tremendous amount of help from American blues and roots artist Justin Johnson and his wife Nikki. Justin helped to create and promote our Blues Plank series of guitars and he and Nikki have produced a number of superb videos showcasing and promoting these guitars. Justin has provided invaluable feedback and support and he and Nikki have also hugely expanded our worldwide reach. Justin currently owns and plays a custom made Corvinho, a Justin Johnson signature model NT6, a BO6 dogbowl resonator and a BO6 catbowl resonator.

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