Blues Plank NT 3 string

The 3 string Blues Plank NT (neck through) is a very resonant and responsive little solid body electric.

Great for finger-picking, slide or strumming or even thrashing!

Great fun and easy to learn, especially with Justin Johnson’s instructional DVD.

Usually tuned GDG (using A, D and G strings of a 6 string)


Mountain Ash neck (through neck construction)

Jarrah fretboard

Mountain Ash body

Jarrah and steel bolt bridge (intonated)

Aluminium tailpiece

*Single coil 4 pole pickup (other pickup types available on request)

External earth connector

Oil finish

*Note about pickups: The single coil 4 pole pickup pictured here is a nice lively pickup, but like all single coil pickups, is liable to pick up electrical interference (noise or hum) from fluorescent lights and other electrical appliances. For stage use or to be sure of being hum free, you might consider choosing a humbucker or mini-humbucker ($10 extra)

Blues Plank NT3 ash body
Blues Plank NT3 with Ash body
Blues PLank NT3 ash
Blues Plank NT3 ash
Blues Plank NT3 ash
Blues Plank NT3 ash
Blues Plank NT3 ash
Blues Plank NT3 ash
Blues Plank NT3 Blackwood body
Blues Plank NT3 with Blackwood body

Price: $555 (Australian)

Options: Blackwood body: add $55

Humbucker or Mini-humbucker: add $10

*Note* Lay-by available

 Contact us to order or inquire about this guitar:

Listen to it being played by Justin Johnson

John Meyer gives one a blast:



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