Little Crow owners

Here are some comments and pics from Little Crow owners:

  • “This is the tone I have been looking for, for a very long time” :- Shane Diiorio on his Little Crow Corvinho SD through a Fender Super Reverb Reissue amplifier.
  • Hey Dave … I’m loving the Corvinho to be honest. It has a wonderful feel and sounds quite amazing. I just restrung it the other day and it shines with a new set of strings on it. I do hope you guys do well, it’s an amazing product.  — Trent (Australia)
  • Just had another great gig with my Corvinho SD. Love it and the sounds. Neil (Australia)
  • Re the Little Crow Special: I think it looks and sounds great – not a Strat and not a Les Paul. Unfortunately it doesn’t get much stage time as it has to compete with 2 x Fender Strats (USA & MIJ), a Gibson SG and Les Paul. Cheers Phil (Australia)
  • I’m so grateful for everything you guys have done for me on top of just the guitar! I really appreciate it! It’s super light!  Joshua (Australia)
  • Got the guitar Dave. Looks and sounds great. Regards Ross (Australia)
  • “Lola” has taken pride of place on the rack. Thanks again Dave & Viv for such an amazing instrument. Kyle (Australia)
  • Received guitar trying out later tonight thanks I’ll let you know. Sounds great very happy thanks again. Michael (Australia)
  • It’s very light weight and has a good tone to it also. That’s that Australian wood quality — makes the magic ring out. Just love this piece. Cathy (USA)
  • Thanks. Got it. Love the Blues Plank NT4. Thanks for the box. Having it shipped, miss it already. Now I may have to save up for a matching bass. Thanks again, Tom (USA)
  • Hey Dave. Guitars going great. No hassles,even since the weather has gotten hotter here. I was anticipating tuning maybe going in and out of whack, but it’s been pretty spot on.  Pat (Australia)
  • Wow! Ireceived my NT3 Plank! All I can say is Wow! Awesome craftsmanship, really sweet guitar! I’m super stoked on it. I love it! Thanks again for the prompt delivery and the cool shirt! This thing is bad ass! Thanks, Brad. P.S. I’ll probably purchase another one in the near future!  Brad (USA)
  • Dave this guitar is amazing! By far the best one I have ever played! Can’t get over the quality! I thank you again for giving me the pleasure to own one of your master pieces. I will be in touch again to purchase one of those six strings you make. I hope all is well!  Elroy (USA)
  • Hi Dave. It’s great, thanks very much. I’m really enjoying it – it’s pretty loud but great tone.  Pete (Australia)
  • Hey man, I was playing that 6-string Blues Plank today, and I couldn’t help but just look at it and hold it in my hands, and admire it for how unique and special it is as an instrument. and to me personally. I love all of the guitars I have, but there is something about that 6-string Blues Plank that is like that friend who you know will listen to you, and understand exactly what you mean! I feel something special every time I pick it up, even if I don’t play anything … I’m saying it as an admirer of your inspired work, and it makes me feel really proud to be able to say that I have some part in the development of this series of instruments.  Justin Johnson aka “The Wizard” (USA)
  • Gotta tel ya Dave what an awesome growling beautiful guitar I freeking luv it the middle position is it for me. Danny  (Queensland)
  • Just received my guitar and is it easy to play….I truly am impressed and immediately cranked it up to my Marshall…luvin and thank you. THANK YOU. Ed (USA)
  • Just a quick note to say thanks for the build. It came much quicker than I anticipated, nicely packed and zero damage. Action is great and you are correct, sounds sweet! I’m no Justin Johnson or anything close, but feel free to use me as a reference for any interested party should the need arise.
    Thanks again and keep-up the good work! Scott (USA)
  • Guitar has been delivered and is perfect – very well packed thank you, and appreciate the included t shirt also. Have enjoyed plugging in and playing, and love the sound (esp adding some decent reverb, and a bit of dirt!). Bit of a change from a 6 string in terms of playing and have now ordered the Justin Johnson DVD to help me get up to speed.
    Really enjoying it, thanks again. Ian (Victoria, Australia)
  • Hi Dave, just letting you know the guitar has arrived, it is fabulous. I will send you a picture. Thank you for everything. Helen (Victoria, Australia)
  • Hi Dave, Sorry I haven’t answered earlier…I love my blues plank! I think the shape (body and headstock) is fantastic and I’m enjoying how instinctively you can play an open tuned 3 string…less is more in this case! It’s important to me to have a locally made instrument so that side of it is great too. Thanks again and all the best for your business. Kind Regards, Gavin. (Victoria, Australia)
  • She arrived today!!! I love her! Thanks again Dave I really appreciate it! Awesome guitar!! Brad (USA) (second guitar bought from Little Crow)
  • Hi Dave and Viv just to let you know the JJNT6 Blues plank arrived safe and sound and I could not have wished for a better finished guitar to mark my 50th , it has refinement in every detail from the timber grain in the body, amazing neck profile and fret board to die for . The split Humbucker pickup is as cool as ice on a polar bears bum, I keep changing my mind which i prefer single or double coil as both lend themselves to different sounds you search for. The action is perfect I even tried some slide last night and found it so smooth to glide my Justin Johnson ceramic slide over the strings .
    Thankyou both for your great service I will always care for what you have made
    Sincerely Craig Clarke(Queensland, Australia)
  • Very good quality and easy to play even for a finger picking beginner on 4 strings !! Beautiful instrument and very natural esthetic !! Many thanks for this very good australian spirit ! Marc (Switzerland)
  • Gday Dave,The Raven arrived today safe and sound. What a beautiful guitar! And is so great to play. Have been noodling with it the last few hours and has easily become my favourite. You do great work! Looking forward to the NT6 when she’s done (should be all paid off in 6 weeks). Thanks also for the shirt. Will be worn with pride. Cheers, Paul.

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