Technical stuff

Woods used:

We’re using Australian woods as much as possible.

Currently we’re using mostly Mountain Ash, Tasmanian Blackwood, West Australian Sheoak, New Zealand Pine, Queensland Maple and Hard Rock Maple.


We use a two-part epoxy glue for all laminations.

Our necks are now mostly made of a single piece of quartersawn Mountain Ash: very stable, lightweight and resonant.

We also make  3 piece laminate necks of Rock Maple or Queenland Maple. This provides exceptional stability and insurance against twist/warp.

Neck profiles are hand-shaped to a medium C shape (21-22mm at fret 1 to 24mm at fret 12).

Our bolt-on necks and the neck pocket on our bodies are made following Fender specs, so a neck with Fender specs can be used as a replacement.

The bolt-on method is true bolt-on in that there are nuts embedded in the neck to accept a proper threaded bolt: no chance of a stripped thread and makes for a super tight joint.

Trussrods are a neat slimline 2-way trussrod, or in the case of the Blues Plank NT6 it’s two strips of carbon fiber embedded in the neck.

Frets are generally medium standard unless otherwise requested.


We use Wudtone oil-based finish.


We use quality pots and capacitors.

Shielded wire is used for most wiring and the pickup and control cavities are painted with a graphite-based shielding paint.


We use a variety of pickups like Brierley, Seymour Duncan, Mojotone, GFS and others to suit each guitar or customer’s taste or preference.

Our Corvinho SD and the Raven use Brierley pickups as standard.

We recommend Brierley pickups as an extremely well made Australian boutique pickup:


We use a variety of quality hardware to suit the particular instrument.

Gotoh, Wilkinson, Grover, Schaller, GFS etc


All our guitars can be made LEFT-HANDED.

Neck thickness and profile can be changed to suit.

Pickups can be changed to suit.




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